Gluten Free Meal – SQ

I ordered a gluten free meal on my recent flight just to check whether we can order it if someday my boy fly with SQ.

This is what I got on my first flight: Rice cake, Mashed Potato Fritters, Curry Sauce and Apple.

The rice cake was good and fluffy even though a bit tasteless.
The mashed potato fritters was great and goes well with the curry sauce
Unfortunately the curry sauce was spicy, not suitable for children.
The apple was ok

It would be great if they could add a strawberry jam.

On my second flight I got: Yellow Rice, Baked Dory, Stir Fried Eggplant and Panna Cotta.

The yellow rice and baked dory was good although a bit plain, suitable for children palate.
Suprisingly the stir fried eggplant was not spicy despite the looks, great!
And the panna cotta was perfect for dessert.

I would love to add a beef/chicken floss for this menu.

It is safer to prepare something from home even when we order a gluten free meal, never know what the airlines catering will serve.

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